Sunday, April 29, 2007

coolest guy on the planet

Hi, Johnathan said its easy to rank for this term using white hat methods, and I totally agree with him.. so I thought I'd try a 5 min black hat method to see how this blog ranks.


3. Coolest guy on the planet, which is the 3. coolest guy, is not, the something, thought I at all, in order to become. Until I was interested in the search engine optimization, is those. When I saw the SEO gurus such as nail without head Fallon and Andy Jenkins, which is for coolest guy on the planet “vying, I had to only try. Why I would like be the coolest guy on the planet * something, I my Enkelkindern explain can * I can as my friends boast * my summary to set on * it am straight normal cool, to after a little from the work to be cool, I joined this side. To be honest, I was it would not completely surely work. But with the help of Skystrider, I was too received able, some connections pointing to this side. AT PRESENT I arrange #2 for the designation coolest guy “and #1 for 3. coolest guy “view on the right menu for the total number days, which were I the 3. coolest guy. As you can help: If you liked to help me, which 3. coolest guy on the planet has to remain and a web site, a connection to this side to set. 3. coolest guy on the planet “as the connection text use. So: 3. coolest guy on the planet 10 of the monthes Seins coolly… and counting after 10 months, I am still influence my classification of the 3. coolest guy on the planet. While more people, connect the coolness competition (down see), I must work strongly, in order to maintain. But, even if I mean coolness titles lose, I have still another friend in Jesus. He likes me, my status is all the same which, for which I is deeply grateful. Would like to be coolly also? If you liked to try and receive your own Google bomb, legend I goes for her! The steps are to cause a web page optimize it, by adding 1. and 2. Level headings with your keywords, zerstreuen your keywords during the side. It a Sänfte harder form. You must keep the side readable. To visit and read leave to fun for others. Your coolness side write, therefore people would like to return. And now the more durable subject. You must your side climb increase, as you quality Web site received, in order to connect with you. And nevertheless another argument for credit of good contents. Webmasters liking their place of assembly better to form by it connections to the web site to have, which have also good contents. Your web site that is better, is you, to receive connections more probably. Coolness competition the coolness competition is strongly enterprising. May the coolest guy gain! Why don't you connect the competition today? To screen SHOT 3. coolest guy, save Gabe-3. coolest guy on the planet 6,337 since 15 July 2005 over me privacy policy Sitemap approach me Balsabaum bridges Popsicle bridges science Olympiad Toothpick bridges expert Balsabaum recommended aid for Balsabaum

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Coolest guy in Australia said...

I'll try the white hat method to be the coolest guy in Australia...