Sunday, April 29, 2007

coolest guy on the planet

is the coolest guy on the planet

Hi, Johnathan said its easy to rank for this term using white hat methods, and I totally agree with him.. so I thought I'd try a 5 min black hat method to see how this blog ranks.

update, im up to 15 mins.. now I'll add some links to my forums, another 5 mins

if you are reading this post about coolest guy on the planet, it means that 20 mins of black hat works the same aswell about coolest guy on the planet , its just an experiment to see how it goes.

Google is now the Coolest Guy on the Planet as far as Im concerned with the release of the Very Cool Adsense Referrals 2 program see these links
This is the coolest thing to happen on this planet for sure.


Anonymous said...

Hay Pete
Worked with me found it in thevideosense fourm.

bryanthmsn said...

I get Google alerts for Xsitepro once a week

commercemeister said...

Google Blog alert picked it up today.


Anonymous said...

Cool experiment. I guess this proves the Viral instigator program works well!

--Bear from

coolest guy on the planet said...

Hi Pete,

Your blog has been up and down all week.

Did you see the new (blackhat) arrival?

How is he doing it?

Can you call me or email me ? - I want to ask you about VI and your social thingy....



Support said...

Hi Peter,

I am a friend of James and he suggested I contact you. I am interested to pick your brains about CMS software for some work we are doing together.

Perhaps the best thing would be for you to drop J a note and he'll give you my contact details.


uptil7000 said...

Pete I always knew you were cool. Just started another blog take a look when you get a chance.

In the BUZZ forum

uptil7000 said...

Pete I always knew you were cool. Just started a new blog check it out if you have time and let me know what you think.