Monday, May 7, 2007

I am the Coolest Guy on The Planet in Video

Now the game is getting interesting.

I can proudly announce I am the COOLEST GUY ON THE PLANET

in Video

I am ranked No1 and No2 for the term coolest guy on the planet in  as seen here

Coolest Guy On The Planet
the coolest guy on the planet video 1 here, video 2
coolest guy on the planet video

Originally this video was ranking No 1 and 2 for the term Adsense in, I made changes to the title and description

These videos are now ranking No 2 and 3 for the term Adsense. So I've lost
one ranking for the term Adsense but Ranking 1 and 2 for an additional search


I am Ranked No 1 for the term coolest guy on the Planet in as seen here

Coolest GUY on the Planet
rankings, see
the coolest
guy on the planet video

This video was formerly ranking No 1 for the term Adsense in Youtube, since I
changed the title and description it is now ranking

No 8 for the term Adsense.


Brad Fallen might be the coolest guy on the planet on the web, but im now the
coolest guy on the planet for video


I challenge anyone to top me in either

Anyone up for the challenge? if so leave a comment.


Now its starting to get even more fun !! :)









coolest guy on the planet said...

Hi Pete,

I guess I am now only the third coolest guy on the planet for my coolest guy on the planet video!

Could it be the hyphens or is it the backlinks you have in place to your own video?

I have had a look at the infopreneur situation and I will try a few tricks on the site I registered today called:

Lets see what happens.



Viralinstigator said...

Hey James,

I see im ranking No5 for the coolest guy on the planet these days :)

this game is getting interesting, so I'll be putting more time into it.

Ive got a friend who's a SEO pro, which means he does nothing else but do SEO work for customers, he only has one site, Im incredibly impressed with his work its at


(if you know anyone who requires professional SEO work, i strongly recommend Ashoke. He's from India)

He offered to get me to No1 in this comp, but I'll do it myself, its the best way to hone your own skills etc.

I had a big boost today in the Infopreneur game aswell.. from 33 yesterday to 13 today, so its starting, will be intesting to watch this grow over time.

re videos.. yes backlinks every time.. but with video engines.. backlinks to videos give your main account an overrall boost in rankings from what Ive learnt in getting over 14 million video views in VG alone..


im NO1 for infopreneur on VG :)


Elke said...

Interesting to know.