Wednesday, June 20, 2007

How Cool is this? Automated Domain Registration

One of the reasons Peter Drew is the coolest guy on the planet, is he comes up with new products like this one.

Cool to Pete = Automation which he thinks is the coolest thing to do, Cool Automation makes life easier on the internet. Software can do very cool things, basically whatever you can do on your computer, software when coded correctly can do the same uncool task very fast and do it over and over. which makes an internet marketers life much cooler.

So we made this very cool software called Registration and Web 2 Social linking Robot.

With this cool software you simply enter 1 to 500 domain names.

then these domains are registered at the registrar and added to your webhost in seconds.. it doesnt get any cooler than this.

not to mention this software is also a Web 2 social bookmarking network program aswell.

You enter your websites URL, this software will crawl your website to get a list of its pages.

Then you select with category best suits the theme of this website, the press submit. the links from your website are posted over 30 different web2 bookmarking websites all over the internet, to provide you very cool backlinks.

The cool price for this program? $7.

get the coolest software program on the planet here

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The Coolest Guy On The Planet

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