Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coolest Article Network on the Planet

Hi Everyone,

After 15 long months in development I have finally released the absolute coolest Article Submission Network On the planet.

Talk about Cool.

You get Paid to Submit Articles. And thats only the Beginning of the really Cool Stuff.

On top of getting paid to submit articles, at the same time you generate TONS over very cool backlinks to your Article and Links in your Authors Box.

The First 500 Characters of your Article Plus your Adsense ID Plus the Links in your Authors box are distributed to a very cool 33% of the sites in the Entire Article Network.

and its totally FREE to join. How COOL is that?

Like to build a List?

Free Cool products convert better than anything else. especially when the free users can make money.

You can become a Partner and get your Own Article site and join the network.

As a Free member you can submit articles with Videos inside your articles. How Cool is that?

see this example article with video.

This site also incorporates the very cool Adsense CPA offers

This Article directory has the same 272 Categories as supplied by google adsense referrals 2 program.

Each article has a skyscraper ad down the left hand site presenting the relevant Adsense CPA
offer. Now it just doesnt get any cooler than this.

check it out


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