Friday, November 21, 2008

Cool New Brute Force SEO Software

Massive Brute Force SEO News.


Brand Spanking New Software nearly completed. This is not an update, but a
complete Re Write.

Written on Vista 64 and compatible with all PC operation systems.

Major Changes

1. Brute Force SEO now Supplies Content. The like you have never seen before.
Imagine this you enter any niche, download related articles. save them locally
to your hard drive and have the ability to use these to promote them to all the free sites
listed in BF.

It gets better!!!

Now load these articles again from your hard drive, click on the
Secret Hidden Button, which is blurred out on the image below. These Articles are changed
(cannot say too much now), 
though Only in the Eyes of Google. They will look the same to you, but trust me on this,
as far as Google is concerned, totally different, you can use these
articles over and over and


Got your own Original Articles. ? Use them on your money site, then load them
again click on the secret button, and change them in the eyes of Googlebot and use
them to promote to the Free sites to provide you excellent quality Backlinks!!

Again and
Again and Again.


Got some PLR Junk, using our new Secret Button. you can turn these into
Related Niche Gold Content. Load them up in the software, click on the secret button and you
guessed it. In the eyes of Google they will be different at the click on just one Button.!!


Maybe you can tell by my writing how excited I am about this :-) , this has
taken us a long time to develop this Not seen before methods to make your articles live 1000


Why is it secret? Well we are first to market, using this new technology and
want to keep it as long as possible, we did the hard yards developing it and like to keep it
for a while anyways.

No need for junk spun rubbish, that our competitors insist on using LOL that
is painful to the eyes, our new technology leaves the grammar, wording, everything
perfectly in tact, so
your articles read exactly how they created to be read by the original authors.


2. This new software is much faster than the previous.

3. This new version has a Skip Button. If one of the sites in your project is
down, e.g Yahoo 360 blogs is down or slow, you can simply click on the Skip button to proceed to
the next module.

4. Save articles Locally. You now have the option to save articles to the
online database or locally to your hard drive.

5. Vista 64 bit compatible, considering this new software was written on
Vista 64. and works seamlessly.

6. 95% completed the Brute Force SEO Social Bookmarking Submission Tool.

See it in action here


7. Continuing development of our Gold Digger Niche Research Tool

On top of providing instant search volume with the competition in Google
listed directly beside the results with and without quotes to reveal your Gold Niches easily, We've
already added  the Ebay module, displaying related Ebay product results
and products, PLUS,
We found the back door to Ebays Top 1000 Searches for Each Day! This is incredibly
valuable information Showing you what's hot straight away, live from Ebay, with the ability to
digg down in each niche revealed to find those great Long Tailed Keyword Phrases, related to what
products are HOT Right Now.

Coming Any day now, I'm just about to approve the release to my Brute force
SEO members the NEW Gold Digger Tool = Goggles Top 1000 Shopping Keywords. Displayed

Does it Get any better than this? We are providing our members the "Shopping"
or "Buying" Keywords
These are the keywords people use to BUY STUFF. Do I need to explain how
valuable This data is? Keywords supplied by Shoppers in Real Time! These are MONEY
Keywords Action oriented Keywords
, These are the niches that make us Money online.
Nothing clearer than this. Of course we provide the ability to drill down on these Buying
Keywords Provided To help you find the untapped niches in just seconds.


Below are images of the Brand New Software.

So now Brute Force members have everything they need to be successful online.

From the ability to source live HOT keyword Buying phrases. Ability to source

based on these new niches found in just seconds. Massive SEO abilities using
the Brute

Force SEO Software with ease.


If you are not an affiliate of this monster program the time is now.. Next

is the 11th December 2008 see


If you have not joined yet? get on the waiting list here

Dropped out previously or your one of the 15% of people who's subscriptions

were cancelled by PayPal., get on the list above.






click on image to see full size image.


Note the blurred out section? this is my top secret option.


Account settings window.



Monday, November 17, 2008

Biggest Fire Sale by the Coolest Vince Tan

HTML clipboard

Must say, I'm very happy to be part of the
Coolest Biggest SOFTWARE Fire Sale On the Planet!

Get a cuppa and have a read, you'll love the offers
towards the end :-)

4 months in the making, I know this because we have
been discussing this the whole time. helping each other
with each of our massive launches. Both are 7 figure
Launches, Though Vince's cool launch will reach this amount a LOT
sooner than mine will LOL :-)

So how will he achieve this? Its simple. The good
Ol Fashion Value for money trick. The terms these
days are over deliver and such, but at the end
of the day, its just Great Value for Money, nothing
more nothing less. As I see it, its

The Best deal currently on this planet SEO wise.

97 Products for $97 Bucks, doesn't get much better
than this. Heres the Catch, Vince only let in products
worth $97 each to start with, so do the math
that's 97 X 97 minium. = $9409.00 Though there
are a Lot of products worth a LOT more than just
97.00 e.g. the first product listed on the
sales page is $497.00

Personally, I really like Vince, he's a cool old
hand at IM sort of guy, there's no doubt about it, but what
I really like is that he's a friendly and VERY
helpful dude. out of nowhere I get IM's from
him with suggestions about my biz. Some I'd
never have thought of in a million years.
Thanks mate!!

With this Launch, he's truly provided a
WIN WIN WIN situation.

Win for product developers.
Exposure and list building,
better product = better results,
which is why the quality of the offers is incredible.

Win for Customers.
You get the benefit of the developers
releasing product to out do each
other and get bragging rights.

Win for Vince.
A nice return for all the hard work
he has put into the design and
theory behind this massive pull
together not seen before.

Some examples Of the software released.

Split Test Guru - Willie Crawford
Niche Video Creator - JP Schoeffel
IMTriggers & IMUrgency - Jordan Hall
Membership Site System - Ian del Carmen

See the photos of the other contributors there,
biggest FireSale
lots of my mates photos here
Its a very nice circle of people
to be involved with! See if mine stands out LOL :)
In fact I think all my guru buddies are there!!

I only ever mail people something that will
help them with their online business. You'd
be amazed at how many offers I get to promote
products, though rarely if ever do.

Though I do the the quality of this amazing
amount of information and tools So I had to
let people know about it.

I'm that certain that you will benefit from it
To help convince you of such, for the first 20
people that order :

Biggest Firesale

The first
20 people who order below get a
Biggest FireSale
massive 30 min consult with me Peter Drew Personally
via phone or skype Value = $297.00

The next
50 people
get to try out the Brand New Version II
Brute Force SEO Software and
membership for just 1 measly buck for
30 full days. (offer to non BF members only)

Vince will mail me this list of the first 20,
and next 50
Then I'll contact you via email :)

That's 10 hours of my time, I'm time poor. So
If I've invested this much of my time, Its
evidence of the value I see in these products.

I'm buying it! Can you guess which product Im
buying it for? :) Check out the sales page here
and have a look.
Biggest Fire Sale

Don't want a 30 min consult with me? how about
I give you the option of 30 days for 1 buck.
That's $127 Value right there.
Brute Force SEO? Your choice, order Vince's
amazing offer and the first 70 people will
get an email from me, with the choice of a
30 min consult or 30 days Brute force SEO for
just 1 measly buck?
Considering we are releasing Version II of
Brute Force SEO this week, after listening
to my membership and implementing the most
sought after changes. You'll be incredibly
happy with the results in Google I can promise.

Hope to be emailing you soon with your choice
of offers


Peter Drew

Follow me on Twitter

P.S. Vince's Biggest Fire Sale
is time limited so do not dilly
dally :-)

Monday, September 1, 2008

coolest guy on the planet? wtf LOL

Here we are again, this coolest guy on the planet competition if it can be called that gets a bit of notice again on the coolest internet marketing forum

So I thought I'd spend 5 mins on this blog, by creating a post with the coolest guy on the planet content, then post the feeds of this blog which there are 4

Cool huh? same content, 4 different RSS feeds to place on the extremely cool Rss Aggregators sites.

see the list of RSS aggregators I use here

This will get this post, via my 4 xml feeds above all over the planet, pretty much instantly..

Personally I think im a pretty slick guy, coming up with these cool rss strategies..

ok.. time to post the xml urls to the aggregators :)


Peter Drew

P.S will be taking over the SEO World
get on the list there for the pre launch offer :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

busby seo challenge

Im helping a good mate of mine Ed,

who's listed No 5 in google for the term

Busby Seo Challenge.

There are 521 SEO Webmasters vying for the No 1 position

when the competition closes on the 31st August.

My Instant Messenger interview with Ed about

Busby Seo Challenge.

peteinoz2: do you hate this competition?

ed: Know I don't I really like it, because I learned much from it interms of seo. I learned some technique that never used in the past like your RSS technique

peteinoz2: excellent answer..

peteinoz2: what have you learned so far?

ed: Well in my expirement, It seems google love site with lot of back link but it always depends on where the link came from

peteinoz2: what did you do to promote your site in this competition?

ed: As I said I applied what I read in your google dominator report , create blogs , sties then submit to rss feed using your rss software

ed: the technique really helps no question to ask with that

peteinoz2: and finally, do you think what youve learned in this seo competition will help you get sites to rank better in google and help increase your income online?

ed: Absolutely, now I am more confidence that I can move my niche site to google first page using all the technique I learned from this contest thanks to your techniques

peteinoz2: Thanks for your Time Ed,

have a great day


Im helping Ed out by creating a few posts on some of my blogs to send him some link love.

not only from my blogs, but from the many RSS Aggregators that are hosting my blogs RSS feeds.

So this can help him get higher than the current ranking of 5 that he holds now.

see the busby seo challenge rankings here Eds Competition Entry domain is

There you have it.

SEO Competitions are great, personally Ive been in 4 major SEO competitions and learned a lot of new strategies.

Keep an eye out on any new ones coming up, you will learn a lot. just by simply checking out what your competitors are doing.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brute Force SEO Is Coming!!

Brute Force SEO

Welcome to Peter Drews BRUTE FORCE SEO

You will see how simple it is to Dominate the top 30 of 50 listings in Google using our Big SEO Software.
We are ass down heads up in this office getting our Big Software ready for release

Sign Up Today for a FREE
VIP Membership and Pre Launch Offer!

About the Big Software.

Start the software
add your money site url
add your rss feed.
add your your related articles.
add your tags
add your related long tailed keyword phrases.

It Creates a new Unique Gmail email address for you in 15 seconds.

The software then goes out and creates a site based on the article content on These Authority Websites

Blogger blogs
Msn live blogs
Yahoo 360 blogs
Wordpress blogs
(All user account information sent to your new Gmail email address)

The software strategically links these sites together so they in and of themselves will Rank Very Well.
Plus providing your site with 2 and 3 way backlinks.

Noting: These are all authority sites that rank very well in and of themselves.

It then goes and submits your rss feed, plus the New RSS Feeds just created to the top 20 Rss aggregators,
then submits your articles to the top 20 Article Directories..posts your video url
to the top 20 video directories and (In near future)submit to top 20 social bookmarking sites enabling you to target and dominate
very powerful niches in Google, in addition capturing generally 30 of the top 50 listings in Google.

All you do is enter a couple of captchas my software does the rest plus you can do projects concurrently.
(meaning, you can run multiple promotions at once)

Time Taken? about 30 mins.

So while your first project is working away, you can setup your next one at the same time!

This is SEO Automation at its finest! Supplying us Awesome Power in Google,
Resulting in top 30 of the Top 50 per run, if used with good niches!!

My members of this product get all my past and future products/reports for free!

This product comes with a members only forum, which is were the magic happens,
100's of people sharing their tips and tricks and new strategies.

Plus a fortnightly Phone In where everyone can phone
in to a teleconference to ask as many questions as you like

Then as a group we can Power on!!

Sign Up Today for a FREE
VIP Membership and Pre Launch Offer!

Sign Up Today for a FREE
VIP Membership and Pre Launch Offer!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Coolest SEO Guy on the Planet

Coolest SEO guy on the planet huh?

Well you'll see my very cool report
is doing very cool sales I must say.

Why? This report shows a step by step
very cool way to dominate new products
even before they are launched around the planet!!

How cool is that?

In fact this blog is turning up in top ranking results for
many top of the planet Launches
Butterly Reports
Mafioso Marketing
Marketing Kegger (just as a test)
to name a few

As you can see from the counter on the right side of this
Very cool, or should I say, Coolest Blog
Its getting tons of traffic

How cool is it to get traffic to your own cool sites
from products that are not even launched officially
to the planet huh?

I must say Im loving how cool this blog is.

Adding this post to add more coolest content.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Butterfly Reports

Viral Marketing:

The extremely powerful and unique ability to build
self propagating income streams.

Bringing about exponential growth to a companies website.


Every day, billions of people search the internet

for free useful reports and related content.

As an
Internet Marketer, this has been proven to
be the



and Long term way to profit from Affiliate Sales.


butterfly reports

By Giving away reports, or by placing them in single

distribution channels, more people and content networks

gladding distribute your rounded reports of 10 to 20 content

filled pages that contain content that offer real value or

offer solutions or solves real problems leading to much

more traffic and multiplying your affiliate sales.

Imagine if you could have a push button solution that

Ready to go


Content filled

Professionally written

reports that you can use in any way?

And have YOUR
affiliate links branded throughout

and imagine that it is




butterfly reports


Where can quickly and easily FREE Get or Create Viral Reports

in just Seconds

butterfly reports

Allowing your to get Massive FREE Traffic and Affiliate Sales

All with just the click of a mouse.


Inside ButterFly Reports you'll find :

The Affiliate links

and The Branding System

for the Reports We generate for YOU.



With Our
Butterfly Reports System, you can also Brand Reports:

Generated by our Professionals.

Brand reports generated by other Members

Create Brandable Reports for use with other Members

Create Brandable reports for others to distribute.

Distribute those reports in Our Market Place.

Use Our ratings and comments systems rankings for each Report.



To Generate your OWN Reports, this is how it works!

Just log into your Members area

Choose any of the content filled reports from any Niches

If you don't have an affiliate ID, you can get one for FREE

butterfly reports


From or and a few seconds later

your report is generated with
YOUR affiliate ID's strategically

within them for you to do anything you want.

With these butterfly reports you'll have content related links for ongoing affiliate sales

Your own ReBranding of the reports.

And the related cover graphics, every month.


As a marketer, the valuable concept of Time =

Just one single report can cost several hundred dollars to produce
from a free lance site.


Along with the unpredictable time frame, and energy it takes, you can
easily integrate your viral reports with:

Sales Funnels

Membership Sites

Existing Products


Give Away's

List Building

Strategic Positioning


Or Even

Sell them for Profit.


All This Equals

Free Affiliate Sales and Commissions for LIFE.

Since content is what makes the Internet Go Around.

People WITH the Content

Become THE Experts

Provide the Value

And make All the Profits



Our Staff writes the reports

You add YOUR Affiliate Links

Your Receive the Traffic AND Profits

Sign Up to Access your Account.

So you can create your ButterFly Reports in
Just Seconds

And Get on the Fast Track to Viral Marketing Success TODAY.

Click here to get Started Now

Just Enter your Name and Email Address to get
Started Now!!


More Sites Talking About Butterfly Reports:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mafioso Marketing


Hi ,

It's not so often that something NEW hits the internet

marketing scene.

You know why that is? Because when you get right

down to it, people are people, marketing is marketing,

and that just doesn't change.

But sometimes information is EXPLAINED in such a

completely new, innovative, and EYE-OPENING way

that you just have to sit up and take notice!

JD Swanson is that kind of guy. He has quietly been

making a mint in obscure niche markets like "crab

cake recipes," "backyard landscaping," and some

that you just wouldn't believe.

JD let me have a peek at
"Mafioso Marketing," which

is why I'm writing to you about it today.

It's simply TOO GOOD to not point it out.

CLICK HERE to get Mafioso Marketing

JD takes you step by step through the process of

finding a niche to dominate, all the way through

wringing as much cash as possible out if it in the

shortest time imaginable.

JD has started to build up a name for himself in the

internet marketing field, and he's doing it the right

way: by developing TRUST with his partners and


In fact, he's paired up with one of the top Internet

Marketers in the world, Jason James, to bring

Mafioso Marketing to you.

Take a look at what some people have said about

him here, and you'll know what I'm talking about:

These guys seriously overdeliver, and they're

taking it to a whole new level with
Mafioso Marketing.

There's just one catch... they're trying to make a big

splash right now by offering an introductory price

for Mafioso Marketing... but it won't last long!

So if you're tired of trying to sell internet marketing

products to internet marketers... I suggest learning

how to dominate niche markets from JD and Jason:

Here's to your success!


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