Monday, March 17, 2008

Coolest SEO Guy on the Planet

Coolest SEO guy on the planet huh?

Well you'll see my very cool report
is doing very cool sales I must say.

Why? This report shows a step by step
very cool way to dominate new products
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How cool is that?

In fact this blog is turning up in top ranking results for
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Butterly Reports
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As you can see from the counter on the right side of this
Very cool, or should I say, Coolest Blog
Its getting tons of traffic

How cool is it to get traffic to your own cool sites
from products that are not even launched officially
to the planet huh?

I must say Im loving how cool this blog is.

Adding this post to add more coolest content.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Butterfly Reports

Viral Marketing:

The extremely powerful and unique ability to build
self propagating income streams.

Bringing about exponential growth to a companies website.


Every day, billions of people search the internet

for free useful reports and related content.

As an
Internet Marketer, this has been proven to
be the



and Long term way to profit from Affiliate Sales.


butterfly reports

By Giving away reports, or by placing them in single

distribution channels, more people and content networks

gladding distribute your rounded reports of 10 to 20 content

filled pages that contain content that offer real value or

offer solutions or solves real problems leading to much

more traffic and multiplying your affiliate sales.

Imagine if you could have a push button solution that

Ready to go


Content filled

Professionally written

reports that you can use in any way?

And have YOUR
affiliate links branded throughout

and imagine that it is




butterfly reports


Where can quickly and easily FREE Get or Create Viral Reports

in just Seconds

butterfly reports

Allowing your to get Massive FREE Traffic and Affiliate Sales

All with just the click of a mouse.


Inside ButterFly Reports you'll find :

The Affiliate links

and The Branding System

for the Reports We generate for YOU.



With Our
Butterfly Reports System, you can also Brand Reports:

Generated by our Professionals.

Brand reports generated by other Members

Create Brandable Reports for use with other Members

Create Brandable reports for others to distribute.

Distribute those reports in Our Market Place.

Use Our ratings and comments systems rankings for each Report.



To Generate your OWN Reports, this is how it works!

Just log into your Members area

Choose any of the content filled reports from any Niches

If you don't have an affiliate ID, you can get one for FREE

butterfly reports


From or and a few seconds later

your report is generated with
YOUR affiliate ID's strategically

within them for you to do anything you want.

With these butterfly reports you'll have content related links for ongoing affiliate sales

Your own ReBranding of the reports.

And the related cover graphics, every month.


As a marketer, the valuable concept of Time =

Just one single report can cost several hundred dollars to produce
from a free lance site.


Along with the unpredictable time frame, and energy it takes, you can
easily integrate your viral reports with:

Sales Funnels

Membership Sites

Existing Products


Give Away's

List Building

Strategic Positioning


Or Even

Sell them for Profit.


All This Equals

Free Affiliate Sales and Commissions for LIFE.

Since content is what makes the Internet Go Around.

People WITH the Content

Become THE Experts

Provide the Value

And make All the Profits



Our Staff writes the reports

You add YOUR Affiliate Links

Your Receive the Traffic AND Profits

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