Tuesday, August 19, 2008

busby seo challenge

Im helping a good mate of mine Ed,

who's listed No 5 in google for the term

Busby Seo Challenge.

There are 521 SEO Webmasters vying for the No 1 position

when the competition closes on the 31st August.

My Instant Messenger interview with Ed about

Busby Seo Challenge.

peteinoz2: do you hate this competition?

ed: Know I don't I really like it, because I learned much from it interms of seo. I learned some technique that never used in the past like your RSS technique

peteinoz2: excellent answer..

peteinoz2: what have you learned so far?

ed: Well in my expirement, It seems google love site with lot of back link but it always depends on where the link came from

peteinoz2: what did you do to promote your site in this competition?

ed: As I said I applied what I read in your google dominator report , create blogs , sties then submit to rss feed using your rss software

ed: the technique really helps no question to ask with that

peteinoz2: and finally, do you think what youve learned in this seo competition will help you get sites to rank better in google and help increase your income online?

ed: Absolutely, now I am more confidence that I can move my niche site to google first page using all the technique I learned from this contest thanks to your techniques

peteinoz2: Thanks for your Time Ed,

have a great day


Im helping Ed out by creating a few posts on some of my blogs to send him some link love.

not only from my blogs, but from the many RSS Aggregators that are hosting my blogs RSS feeds.

So this can help him get higher than the current ranking of 5 that he holds now.

see the busby seo challenge rankings here Eds Competition Entry domain is bayaw.com

There you have it.

SEO Competitions are great, personally Ive been in 4 major SEO competitions and learned a lot of new strategies.

Keep an eye out on any new ones coming up, you will learn a lot. just by simply checking out what your competitors are doing.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brute Force SEO Is Coming!!

Brute Force SEO

Welcome to Peter Drews BRUTE FORCE SEO

You will see how simple it is to Dominate the top 30 of 50 listings in Google using our Big SEO Software.
We are ass down heads up in this office getting our Big Software ready for release

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About the Big Software.

Start the software
add your money site url
add your rss feed.
add your your related articles.
add your tags
add your related long tailed keyword phrases.

It Creates a new Unique Gmail email address for you in 15 seconds.

The software then goes out and creates a site based on the article content on These Authority Websites

Blogger blogs
Msn live blogs
Yahoo 360 blogs
Wordpress blogs
(All user account information sent to your new Gmail email address)

The software strategically links these sites together so they in and of themselves will Rank Very Well.
Plus providing your site with 2 and 3 way backlinks.

Noting: These are all authority sites that rank very well in and of themselves.

It then goes and submits your rss feed, plus the New RSS Feeds just created to the top 20 Rss aggregators,
then submits your articles to the top 20 Article Directories..posts your video url
to the top 20 video directories and (In near future)submit to top 20 social bookmarking sites enabling you to target and dominate
very powerful niches in Google, in addition capturing generally 30 of the top 50 listings in Google.

All you do is enter a couple of captchas my software does the rest plus you can do projects concurrently.
(meaning, you can run multiple promotions at once)

Time Taken? about 30 mins.

So while your first project is working away, you can setup your next one at the same time!

This is SEO Automation at its finest! Supplying us Awesome Power in Google,
Resulting in top 30 of the Top 50 per run, if used with good niches!!

My members of this product get all my past and future products/reports for free!

This product comes with a members only forum, which is were the magic happens,
100's of people sharing their tips and tricks and new strategies.

Plus a fortnightly Phone In where everyone can phone
in to a teleconference to ask as many questions as you like

Then as a group we can Power on!!

Sign Up Today for a FREE
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Sign Up Today for a FREE
VIP Membership and Pre Launch Offer!