Thursday, March 12, 2009

SEO Tips using Facebook

Using Facebook for Massive SEO Gain and Viral Componant - Its Easy, Do it Now and See

Hi again,

Leveraging the Cool Power of is now possible in :)

also massively cool Viral component to it..

Please see

SEO Tips Facebook Page

If you are not registered with facebook, now is the time, register here then click on this link

my Facebook seo tips page

Here you will see photos and a discussion board thread.. read the Discussion. then see the photos on how to achieve it.

Next week I'll be showing everyone how I gained 20,000, yes 20 thousand followers on
Twitter and how you can do the same 20k followers = a lot of power and m0ney
in Any Market thats for sure.



As always, follow me on Twitter for all live updates

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search engine friendly web development said...

Doing seo is not that easy.Gather backlinks as many as you can but Quality should be maintain because it is the key to success. But over-optimization should be avoided.Bounce rate will increase, therefore it affects your site negatively. By following these tips, big chances that you'll be a topnotch.

internet marketing services said...

is this legal., i mean doing seo on facebook?

search engine placement said...

I agree with the person above me. It is not that easy, that is why consistency should be maintained. One day of no work could have a great impact.

Webplore said...

Well done got some nice information, keep going...