Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So who is the coolest guy on the planet?

So who is the coolest guy on the planet?
James Dean? Marlon Brando?

In this cyber age, it is the person listed in at
No1 position for the term, "Coolest Guy on the Planet" that
is the real Coolest guy on the planet these days.

Back in 2005 Two smart Internet Marketers were having a
coffee and the conversation turned around to, who is
the coolest marketer online? Which then turned into
The Coolest Guy on the Planet SEO competition. They
left this meeting to see who could get ranked No
1 in for this term. They then shared this
idea with their friends and customers.

Thus the Coolest Guy on the planet SEO (or Search
Engine Opitmization) Competition was born.

Is there a Prize for becoming No1 in google for this
term? No. Do a lot of people watch for this term
in Google? Yes!

Many top SEO pro's are vying for this Number 1 position
in google for this term. Some get initial high rankings
but then drop off after a week or two. When you
study this competition you will see that the top
5 entries are always the same people over the last
3 or so years.

Anyone interested in search engine optimization will
find this competition a treat, people can see
how many backlinks were used to get the front page
listings in this competition, they can see which
sites people use to get the high rankings in this

Initial view of this competition might suggest
that this is not a very competitive term with
only 160,000 competiting pages in google. Which
typically is an easy target for any SEO pro.
Though with a bit more investigation you will find
that the listings on page one, would be very
difficult to get on top of, once seeing amount of
and quality of backlinks used to give these first
page listings.

If you are new so SEO, I suggest you enter this
competition. You can use a brand new domain as
a test, or use a free web 2 site that has existing
authority in google and see which page your entry
enters the competition. Then experiment with
different linking or SEO strategies to see what
works getting your entry higher in the SERPS.

I encourage anyone new to SEO to take on this
challenge, it costs nothing and you can learn
a lot from this experience. Who knows you
might get to number 1 and get a lot of recognition
from many of the top SEO Pros who are watching
this competition.

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