Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello Nice to Meet You Im coming soon

This is who we have coming to all of us soon..

Beta testing starts next week

Make sure your on the waiting list


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Find Your ONE profitable Product. Its Easy I show you how.

Find Your ONE profitable Product. Its Easy I show you how.

Hey again :)

I've just finished this report for you, and
I think your really going to love this.

I show you step by step how to identify
a niche that has proven traffic, is
able to target in the search engines
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Nothing to buy, pure content.

You can be up and running with your
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I'm so excited to be able to share this
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Its here
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To your Online Success


If your a software developer, coder, or just
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keep an eye on this space, in the next 3
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brand / Product - How to. Go to Whoa. PDF Inside

Hi {!name}

Hope you are doing well.

My family and I are back from our
holidays in Indonesia. We had an absolute ball
over there, riding elephants in the jungle, having
fun at turtle island.

Relaxing is one of my favourite ways to get
new Ideas.

Sitting beside the pool, a few pennies dropped
for me.

What I want to share with you is my complete
go to whoa, strategy about product creation,
branding process, step by step exactly what
I did from the penny dropping beside the
pool to a product ready for market!!

How I will promote it, generate search engine
traffic, how I go about doing that, exactly
the steps from thought through to final product.

All my thoughts, notes and strategies for a
successful new idea right through to marketing
and sales.

When we were overseas, we spent a lot of time
buying presents for our family and friends
here to give to them on our return.

Interestingly, I asked my 6.5 year old daughter
what was the best things about our holiday.

1. Dolphins.
2. Elephants.
3. Buying presents for my friends.
4. Kids club.

We did a lot more things than this small
list, though it really struck me, how much
Joy she got finding just the right things
for her friends, lovely little trinkets.

This is my return from holiday trinket
for you :)


Hope you enjoy it.
Hope you find my strategies helpful in
your next site launch.


Peter Drew

P.S. There are some fantastic research Secrets
that are very effective that Ive not released
ever before.