Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Mind is officially Blown!

I've never seen anything like it,

Since my start online in 1991 I have Never Seen such a Massive response to a product...Never.

The prelaunch phase of BruteForceSEO: EVO2 officially opened at 10am US CST on November 6th, and the Final Countdown to launch day Tomorrow at 10am US CST, November 18th, 2009 has begun...

And the house is Packed To The Limits.

I don't know if the gates will hold, with all the bodies pushing against them- the crush at the door is growing Hourly.

It's now 10am US CST...24 hours before Launch, and the numbers are Staggering: Thousands upon Thousands of sign-ups and more pouring in every second to the VIP list.

Luckily for YOU, you led the way!

Good Move, Peter... Good Move.

Be sure and keep on making those good moves though, and keep your eyes on the clock and on your inbox, because I will be sending you a special, VIP Only notice early tomorrow morning US CST (GMT-6) and if you snooze... You Lose.

If for some reason you have dragged your feet and Aren't ON the VIP list, well... Run, don't Walk and fix this horrifying error Right Now: http://bruteforceseo.com

Stay Awake and Alert tomorrow - set an alarm clock if you have to... Just Be Ready.

To Your Success!

Peter Drew

PS - I kid you not...the clamor for this sensational SEO Powerhouse is SO loud we are very seriously considering Limiting the Free Trials to 5000, so you need to watch the clock, and keep your finger ON the trigger!

PPS - 10am US CST (GMT-6)... That's 4pm in London... 6pm in Athens... and 2am Thursday morning in Brisbane! Calculate your time here, and be on time.

PPPS - Like I said: Official Launch Time is at 10am CST, but if you're a VIP, your notice may come at any time in the hours leading up to the Official One- so be alert!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blinding Automation Right before your Eyes - Video

1st Video, about the EVO II static account

creator and why its there

Or click here to see
video on youtube

2nd Video, How it works and see it

create a Massive amount of accounts, totally

automatically watch through to the end, you can

scroll past the automation to see my closing

statements etc.

Or click here to see this
video and leave a comment on YouTube

Note: You only need to create these accounts

just ONCE. Once they are created EVO II

uses them to spread your content all over

the internet providing you a TON of very

powerful backlinks, that will give you

rankings like you've never seen before!

It just works, straight out of the box, exactly

like I say it does.

Stay tuned for the next videos of EVO II

pumping out your content to all these

Accounts we have just created, plus a lot

MORE on top of that.

You WILL be amazed!

Ok, I'll go off and produce these new

videos now

See you again tomorrow!



P.S If you'd like to be a part

of this massive launch and help your

friends succeed at SEO go to


need help?

with any questions.