Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Petes SEO Software EVO II on Estrogen? What the?

Since the release of EVO II nearly 12 months ago

he's been packing on the muscle with many

high powered high PR sites added each and every


But he got so massively big, he started to get

awkward some.

With so many high page rank sites to submit to

so many blogs created and absolute massive

amount of cross linking between all these

happening, our backlinks scores and rankings

were going through the roof, but, he was

taking some time to accomplish all of this.

To keep EVO II as the world's leading

SEO Software

So we decided to give EVO II some female


Introducing EVO II, with THREADS!!

With the advent of multitasking

or new thread ability, meaning EVO II

works in many windows at once, we have

reduced the time of projects down by

and amazing


Though still maintaining the enormous

amount of backlinks created each and every


Its now faster than ever to get those rankings

in the search engines you want.

While I was in my SEO Fight Club Forum

today I saw this post that I thought

I'd share with you written by one of our

many many happy members.


My evo is running faster with the new version.

That's all that I know.

The whole point is that you want to get a ton of backlinks.

I can only say that evo is a BIG part of my strategy and my life is 100%

I work as an internet marketer full time now.

And this week I made more money than I made in a full month running a department
at one of the top 25 universities in America.

And I work about 20 hours a week.

Once you get it down this is a great business to be in.


Direct link to this post,


so when you take the free trial, and get access to my

forum, you can see this post and ask any questions you like.

Our SEO software is continually evolving and improving

over time, with auto account creation, auto posting,

auto unique articles, auto cross linking, auto

threading, we keep on top of our competitors easily.

We are getting close to the maximum amount of

members and they'll be a heap more after this

email goes out so don't loose your spot to try

this out for 7 full days at no cost to you.



Peter Drew.


If you are not one of the loyal affiliates who earn some

of the 50 to 60k I pay out each month, sign up here

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instantly we get paid. When we get paid, my PP account

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$497.00 per referral keeps my loyal affiliates very happy.

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