Friday, October 1, 2010

Trust SEO - Part 2. Web 2.

Part Two of the Trust SEO Series below..

The Wonderful World Of Web2.0

"Web2" sites (generally speaking) are social type websites, where people online can exchange data between themselves in different forms of digital media, e.g. Video, audio, podcasts, webcasts, streams, and via different textual methods like PDFs, text, blogging, articles, forums, questions and answers.

The list is never ending, new forms of ways for people to interact online is ever increasing. Some sites do their best to add as many of these features in one big platorm (think Facebook), while others prefer to focus on one model and excel at it (think YouTube).

Sites like these over time end up developing incredible amounts of trust with the search engines, so it makes perfect sense that gaining links from all these sites can leak a lot of that trust relationship to your own website.

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