Friday, October 1, 2010

Trust SEO - Part 3. Simple RSS Trust Power

Here we have the ->

The Wide World Of RSS, aka Really Simple Syndication!

Simply put, RSS is a unified method of displaying data
aggregated from the many different ways websites
present data.

Web sites are written in various languages,
such as php, HTML, shtml, asp, perl, etc, etc.

The rss protocol provides a unified way for websites
designed in various codes to provide content that
can be read, understood and presented by many rss readers
and syndication websites, and this is where it comes in
very handy for us to build and share our Trust making
links to the world and to the search engines.

90% of these Web2.0 sites have rss feeds associated
with the accounts you create on them- These rss feeds
contain the content you supply to these accounts,
including your Trust making hyper-links.

But it gets better... If the web 2 sites utilize "no follow"

attribute tags as mentioned previously, these are
Not Present in the RSS feeds. This is the really cool part
right here!

When you submit your Rss feed to one of the many rss feed
aggregators, these Rss aggregators, display the "contents"
of your Rss feed live on their websites as normal web content,
including your links pointing to your website, and links
back to your web 2 website account, giving this web 2
address some nice trust rankings to boot!

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Ive been working SEO online for 15 years now, this continuing
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