Sunday, February 13, 2011

Helping Small to Medium sized businesses around the world. New Lead Generation Company

Problem No. 1:

All businesses want to grow, but to grow they need
more customers.

Obviously this is where the web comes in, though
typically this is not an easy process for proprietors of small to medium
businesses to achieve.

They get sold on a new pretty website. Have a
launch party and sit back to find there isn't really any new business or even
visitors to their websites.

They then learn they need to start getting traffic
to their sites. So... they go down the path of finding Adwords companies or SEO
companies. This also can leave them with a bitter taste in their mouths, trying
to find the genuine companies from the less than reputable companies which
abound in these service areas.

Problem No. 2:

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of having
1000's and 1000's of people become members of my different SEO membership
programs. Overseeing these members over the years has given me a great insight
into different people online and why some perform better than others with the
same tools.

Many people become very successful online using my
many tools, though sadly others haven't.

What I've observed is that the main reason some
people didn't make great money online, was that their websites were just plain
not suited to selling products . The pages were way too busy, with way too many
links to distract prospective customers. While these members had no problems
getting the search rankings, they could not convert traffic to sales.

So we have two problems; Offline businesses finding it difficult to gain new
customers for their business, and online marketers not being able to convert
their traffic or monetize sites effectively.

The Solution!

After years of contemplating these issues, and now
after 13 months intensive development I created A site that combines
the offline world and online entrepreneurs in a way never seen before. solves the issues many online
marketers have faced by offering them the ability to create tightly focused
niche sites, specific to geographic locations, where the sole focus of these
websites or pages is to do nothing but achieve one objective, to collect Leads.
The whole page is designed to do one thing and one thing very well. On top of
this, since we are targeting local and GEO related sites, these are very easy to
rank for.

We have small businesses around the world who are
only interested in gaining leads from their own specific geo location. Or Town,
Suburb, district or county. So for online marketers to rank for these terms for
these towns, suburbs, districts or counties is very easy.

Typically, online marketers do not address niches
that are so tightly focused, because the traffic to these does not warrant the
attention given to these sites.

Here's a quick example:

TTerm = bad credit loans

Typically a very tough niche to target in Google.


Competition in

Search Volume World Wide.


Competition in (competition reduced
from 20 million to only 183k)


By adding the Geo Location being “Gold Coast” we
have brought down the competition from 183k to only 23k)


(putting the local keyword phrase in quotes, shows
how easy it will be to target this keyword phrase in

So as you can see, when targeting region “Australia” and Local Geo location
“Gold Coast” the competition in reduces dramatically, enabling
even those with little SEO skills to rank for these terms very quickly.

Ahh... but I hear you say, there isn't much search
volume or none for bad credit loans gold coast?

There is traffic: but
the beauty of this traffic is that it is absolutely targeted traffic, and
opt-ins gained from sites that rank for these terms are of significant value
to any business in the market of Bad Credit Loans.

But here's where the real genius of this system shines through:

Once you have a site up that ranks for Bad Credit
Loans Gold Coast, then its very simple to also rank formidably for:

Bad Credit Loans Newcastle

Bad Credit Loans Gosford

Bad Credit Loans Darwin

Bad Credit Loans etc, etc, etc. the HUNDREDS!

In this example, I would create a domain
with the term “bad credit loans” in the Top level domain and then create folders
or directories each named by a town suburb etc, each time I promote one of these
directories in the search engines by providing backlinks to it, the overall
domain gains authority in the search engines and it gets easier each and every
time I add a new directory to it to rank for these terms. Over time by adding
100's of these geo related directories, this domain will be getting enormous
amounts of targeted traffic.

All of these sites providing very targeted leads
to the small business Owners in this market. And they will pay you very nicely
for them- More about how they pay you a bit later.

So we have created a system that enables people to
create sites with one sole focus and easy to rank for in the search engines.
Site publishers can create as many sites as they like in our system, the more
sites they make the more money they earn.

Once a site publisher has created a site and it is
ranking and collecting leads, he adds it to our system, which then
provides him or her with a “widget”- this widget is placed on his website to
collect the leads.

Once the site is added, small businesses can then
bid on the leads provided via this website. utilises our own proprietary bidding
system using Paypal. Small businesses compete with each other via bidding to
gain these quality leads. The highest bidder will continue to gain these leads
until another business out bids him.

Current winning bidders are informed via email
when they have been out bid and provided the opportunity to raise the bid. So
the businesses in this market determine the value of the leads supplied by the
site publisher.

If there are no businesses in our system related
to the niche the site publisher is currently building sites for, we will be
shortly providing an amazing piece of software we developed over 4 months, to
source businesses related to your niche and geo graphic location. The software
sources these companies from the search engines and then emails them details
about your site and leads being delivered.

Each site added to our system has its own unique
stats page. This stats page provides this information:

  1. Site URL.

  2. Keywords used by the search engines to find
    this site.

  3. Traffic per day / month

  4. Leads collected per day / month.

This enables the business to make an informed decision about the site they will
be bidding on for leads.

So site publishers start the software, enter their
site details and niche and geo location, the software goes out collects many
emails (between 200 and 900 depending on niche and location) and starts emailing
the small businesses.

Small business No. 1 clicks on the link provided,
likes the site that they see and bids $x per lead.

Small business No. 2 does the same and out bids
No. 1. Business No. 1 gets an email stating he has been out bid and ups his bid,
meanwhile No. 3 comes along and offers his bid. This continues till this market
determines the value of these leads provided by the Site Publisher.

We use a very simple payment model to distribute
funds between parties. All funds are transacted via Paypal. Here's the schedule:

Site Publisher earns 70%

If an affiliate referred the site publisher, this
affiliate gains 10% of the bid amount.

If an affiliate referred the small business to the
system, they get 10% of the businesses spend on each bid.

10% of each bid goes to

It's an amazing system for any internet marketers,
to gain a recurring income on their online efforts.

It's an amazing opportunity for companies around
the world to gain “instant” specific and unique quality leads. (not like most
other lead gen companies that onsell same leads to many many companies)

It's an amazing opportunity for affiliate
marketers, to earn 10% residual income from each Site publisher they refer and
10% of the spend of any company they refer, for life.

Did I mention Payouts are Instant!!?

This is how it works.

Say we have a site where bids are at $10.00

As soon as a prospect enters their:



Phone Number

Into the widget on the site publishers site, this
is what happens:

This persons data is

(a) emailed instantly to the small business who is
paying for these leads.

(b) The business owner can opt-in to have this
information SMS's to his cell phone. This happens within 10 seconds. This
enables the company to contact this prospective via the phone instantly, while
they are hot to buy or interact. Conversions at this time frame are very high.

At the same time, the businesses paypal account
has been debited $10, then the site publishers Paypal account is updated
instantly $7.00, and Affiliates are paid instantly as well.

My Goal was to create a system that bought back
the old days of Adsense, where anyone online could make a significant income
relatively easily. e.g. my mum topped out at $275 per day back then :)

Have I achieved this goal? Well, not exactly 100%-
that would be impossible, though I think we have come as close to it as any
other online company has since then.

I must believe in it, since it cost me the equal
to a small to average size family unit in terms of cost to fund it and find out

Shortly we will be allowing API access so
developers can make their own tools to benefit themselves and site publishers
and businesses around the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this
document. Very exciting times ahead, and I hope you will Sign up for your free
LeadsJet account today and join us for this ride!


Peter Drew

Download this article here, in Open Office document format. So you can hyperlink
the URL with your own affiliate link, simply get your document out
to as many people as possible, to let them know about this amazing opportunity
and gain your referral commissions for life.